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Whether you're trying to maintain and support health, or you're trying to address issues that are of concern, we have products and knowledge to support you.

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We carry everything from vitamins, protein, pre-workout, weight loss and energy boosting supplements, to essential oils and personal care products. Check out our competitive pricing and wide selection today.

Fitness & Sports Nutrition

Products in this category range from pre-workout supplements, energy boosters, weight loss products, protein powders, amino acids, and collagen, to testosterone boosters, and fiber.

Grocery Items

We carry the “staples” to aid in a healthy diet, such as: hemp seeds, coconut oil, wheat grass, senna, coconut flour, chia seeds, shirataki noodles, almond butter and more.


Tissue salts, Boiron homeopathic single remedies (pellet and liquid varieties), and various remedy combos from other companies such as Hylands Homeocan. Any item that we do not have, we can usually order for you.

Other Health Aides

Himalayan Salt Lamps, essential oils, oil diffusers, pet supplements, hazelwood jeweller.